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FORTUNA DRESS. "Discover our Exclusive World"

“FortunaSisters” is a Moldovan fashion house specializing in production of Bridal and Evening Gowns. Rodica and Daniela Fortuna,being passionate with fashion learned sewing and tailoring from their mother, who is working with them till now with their father-tailor in the atelier.


After, they graduated Fashion Design and Marketing Courses at ''Polimoda'' , Florance Italy and ''Academia di Belle Arti Aldo Galli''-IED Como,Italy. The sisters' designs is known for craftsmanship and intuition. Embroidery, lace, and impeccable tailoring are characteristic of their garments.


They are specialized in formal wear and evening gowns and use the most precious materials, including silk and velvet. Their ideas come from a wide variety of sources, but their designs, for the most part, have nature environment inspiration.

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